Eutony is a practice accessible to all, in which you

  • learn simple ways to feel at home in your body
  • explore how to release superfluous tensions, develop strength and flexibility, and  bring lightness and ease to your everyday movements
  • rekindle the sources of your artistic creativity
  • discover new tools for developing emotional balance and confidence in yourself.

At your own pace, in your own way, you can find out how to be more attuned to what your body tells you, and learn to trust the free flow between yourself and the world around you.

Practicing Eutony

Click the Menu bar to open the short illustrated pages telling you about the origins of eutony,  what eutony is about, what happens in a eutony class, and where to practice. You can find out about eutony and psychotherapy, about eutony and art, and about the meaning of the word Eutony and Tonus.  You can also read about other people’s experience, and see some of their art work.

The tutor Thérèse Melville is more than happy to give you more information by email or on the phone.  However, neither words nor images can fully describe the essence of eutony and what makes it unique. The best is to come to an introductory day, to weekly sessions or a summer course to make up your own opinion.

"Eutony has radically changed how I use and think about my body. I have acquired new ways to be in my body, ways that feel easily natural to me, unforced, like an inherent order I have discovered."