"The word ‘Eutony’ means ‘well-balanced tension’ (from the Greek ‘eu‘ = good, harmonious and ‘tonos‘ = tension, tonus)"

‘Tonus’ can be defined as the degree of tension in muscle fibres. In eutony, the meaning is extended to all the tissues of the body. Optimal health requires our tonus, or level of tension, to be in tune with the action at hand. This means neither too high, nor too low, nor fixed at any one level.

Each situation requires a different tonus. Breathing, voice, posture, movement are intimately linked to our tonus which itself is modulated by our emotions and our thoughts. Emotions are communicated through tonus. Tonus is one of the clearest expressions of the unity of body and mind.

Realising that your actions, feelings and thoughts are all rooted in your body, you acquire a greater sense of self.

Re-tuning the body’s metabolism

Eutony helps you to become aware of, and to free and balance the tonus in the whole body.  As well as the muscles, all organs, the blood circulation and breathing are involved.  Eutony will help liberate a new vitality.

This diver’s tension is at the optimal level between high and low for the situation, and is distributed evenly in his whole body. It is free, ready to adapt to the flowing water.


"Eutony is in no way a special system to be practised separately from everyday life ... it keeps one in constant contact with all aspects and realities."