In some Eutony sessions, you’ll be offered the opportunity to express your new discoveries or a personal experience with charcoal, with paint, or even with clay.
No artistic experience is needed, and like all the other proposals offered within a session, it is totally optional.

Drawing and clay modelling opens up a new dimension to your experience. It gives you a new language, when words may feel inadequate. Creating images with your eyes closed, or with ‘unorthodox’ brushes is wonderfully freeing.

You may find you want to press hard with a piece of charcoal to indicate where something hurts, or use fluid movements to develop the feeling of expansion you experienced during a session. You may just want to let yourself be led by your crayon, and see what emerges.

Eutony and Art
Eutony and Art

The American expressionist painter Barret Newman said of his work: “These paintings are not ‘abstractions’, nor do they depict some ‘pure’ idea. They are specific and separate embodiments of feeling.”

Eutony helps you to tap into your own source of expression.  In turn, your drawings will give you new insights about yourself.

Eutony develops the awareness of space, structure, tension, depth and balance within your own body. This will appear in whatever you draw, or shape in the clay. You may well feel surprised by the uniqueness and strength of what you’ve created.

Eutony and Art
Working with the body means working with the unconscious; drawing and modelling in clay are privileged means for the unconscious dynamics to be made visible.