A Perpetual Source of Astonishment

IMG_4805_800For me, and after years of practice, I can say Eutony has been like a personal journey, non-linear, which has transformed my way of life at several levels: body, emotions, mind, spirit. I could call this an art of life, if this expression hadn’t been over used.
What has impressed me most is the notion of FREEDOM. If I try to analyse it’s origin, it is, within the framework of the great rigour which is in the nature of the work in Eutony, the total absence of judgement on the person and on his/her bodily, verbal and artistic expression.

This is a path to appropriate one’s own being, in all its acceptance, in all its dimensions, in all its eminent respectability. Because the second word I would put in echo to the word Eutony, is UNITY. The practice brings you more and more to discover yourself, through the concrete knowledge of your body. To discover how your bones and muscles are organized, how your joints function, where your organs are – a model skeleton used at times for clarity and reference. Simultaneously, there is a growing knowledge of an other nature, deeper, which happens when the freeing of the talking body brings to the surface elements of personal history.

Towards the end of the session, I gently moved my feet; micro-movements in the soles of my feet. Then everything fell into place. The energy started circulating in my body. I started feeling that I had feet, that they were strong supports to make me move. “And to move you”, said the tutor. Then I cried.

For me, Eutony is a perpetual source of astonishment and renewal. It is part of my life.

Francine Dupuis, mother (translated from French)

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